gold bullion


1 Token = 1g of Real Gold and Silver Bullion

Every token claims 1 gram of gold or silver. Real bullion is securely stored at Reserve Vault, verified by BDO and fully insured.

This is the ultimate tokenised asset and made possible by Ainslie Bullion, a leading Australian bullion dealer since 1974.

For complete transparency, all mint and burn transactions with bar serial numbers together with total supply are publicly shown through our website.

You can also interrogate each of our tokens externally

Gold Standard

Purchase any number of Gold Standard tokens that are available through our preferred blockchain Currency Exchange.

Silver Standard

Purchase any number of Silver Standard tokens that are available through our preferred blockchain Currency Exchange.

Over the Counter

Purchase Over the Counter (OTC) tokens for the Gold or Silver Standard with no limited transaction amount. Please contact us to arrange your purchase. Minimum purchase amounts apply, click here for our OTC terms.


0.2% Transaction fees

Transactions fees within the Gold and Silver Standard are currently capped at just 0.2%. Imagine the savings in transactional costs you’d make when purchasing gold or silver using this block chained method. And no more storage costs! Your metal is already stored, insured and audited in Reserve Vault as part of this low transaction fee.

Zero storage fees at Reserve Vault

One of Australia’s largest and most secure vault's, Reserve Vault is located deep underground and is underwritten by world leading insurers. Every 'minted' Gold and Silver Standard token already has the corresponding gold and silver stored safely and securely at the Reserve Vault.


Our asset backed digital currencies tether the price of gold and silver bullion. That may present a stablecoin safe haven for investors, an inflation hedge worldwide currency, or a cost effective investment in gold and silver. They combine the high security of vaulted metals and blockchain technology to safeguard your investment.


Using blockchain, all transactions and fees are transparent and very efficient (0.2%*). Every Gold and Silver Standard token is equivalent to a gram of real gold and silver. Every single bullion bar of real gold and silver is stored in the Reserve Vault, one of the most secure facilities in the Southern Hemisphere.


Move between other blockchain based currencies with ease, giving you access to the most exciting currency innovation of this generation. You can also exchange or redeem our digital currency for real gold and silver bullion. Alternatively buy with or cash out for AUD with Ainslie Wealth or participating Fiat pairing exchanges.


Real world use of the Gold and Silver Standard

Minimise your exposure to Fiat Currency

In many countries inflation is a real and economically debilitating situation. By using a blockchain currency hinged directly from the gold and silver price, users are protected from any extreme devaluation of their local currency. The Gold and Silver Standard is a stable, sustainable and accessible currency.

Playing and Staying in the blockchain Economy

People actively trading blockchain currencies often have nowhere stable to place their holdings in-between trades. The Gold standard and Silver standard provide the perfect solution - a stable currency to place holding before and in-between trades.

Worldwide and available now, no waiting

The Gold and Silver Standard is now live and active - ready for you to use. You can purchase this currency through our nominated exchange, or if it's more convenient you can visit our office and purchase over the counter (OTC terms). Today, you can purchase a truly worldwide gold and silver based currency.


Prefer to buy in person?

Purchase OTC